How driving made me a better person

How driving changed me learning to drive was an amazing experience for me. Not only I learned how to drive and go from point A to point B, but I also became a responsible citizen.

When I started driving I learned what other drivers would feel when I jaywalk. Jaywalking in India is quite common, everybody does it, and they don’t have any other choice. (Observe the Indian roads to know why)

I stopped jaywalking, and also I started to drive slowly near potential jaywalking zones. I do sometimes jaywalk, otherwise, you won’t be able to cross the road. Driving taught me to respect others You are not alone on the roads, roads are common property, and we need to share it with other vehicles as well as with other pedestrians. Following the rules If you follow the traffic rules, you probably a responsible citizen, or you might are just scared of the law or the cops giving you a ticket.

Who are you when no one is watching? You are at your best self when no one is watching.

The more I drive, the more my driving improves and the more I became a responsible person.

Driving fast in fun I do it many times, don’t tell my mum. Driving within the speed limit is even more fun. When you drive slow, within the speed limit, you appreciate your surroundings, some alone time if you drive alone, listen to the radio more carefully and understand that song playing more better. When you drive fast your brain is consecrating only on driving. And it won't cost your life or someone else’s life if you daydream while driving, but please don’t daydream while driving.

Driving taught me to be more patient, to stay calm, to be punctual.

When you drive slow; you leave early and eventually develop a habit of being on the time.

Also, I realized that no one is perfect, I’m not perfect and the other person behind you in a big SUV isn’t perfect either. Humans are stupid beings, so don’t worry when your car accidentally stops in between and don’t panic when that guy in a big car behind you starts honking because you stopped.

Just remember, “That person is stupid, they will honk at your stupidity”. After understanding this you will also understand not to honk at the person ahead of you whose car accidentally stopped due to their stupidity. Just stay calm, be patient and enjoy the fact that you are not being stupid anymore.

Whether you follow the traffic rules or not tells a lot about your attitude towards society and your own self-control.

Drive safe :)