Imagining Death, Heaven and Hell

Over the period of time, people came up with different philosophies to explain death, heaven and hell. We have different ideas of what life after death will be like or what methods are to be used to attain access to heaven, salvation or moksha.

None of the various ideas surrounding death has ever been proved scientifically. But science is not what we look for when we think of death, we look for comfort.

Death is an unavoidable part of life, and embracing the idea of finite time can help a person to experience a more meaningful life.

But what does death feel like? What is it like to be in heaven or hell? Is heaven or hell even a real place, or is it just an artificial creation to keep a tab on our actions?

We are free to believe in whatever we want. As a result, various philosophies revolving around death exist, and I would like to take this freedom to share my alternative viewpoint on death, heaven and hell.

Death is like being trapped inside a prison. When you die, you are trapped inside a dark room with no light. You cannot see, hear or feel anything. Your body does not exist. Though you are free to move, it will serve no purpose as you are inside an infinite room with nothing else in it.

What exists in the room is a voice, your voice. The same constant chatter you hear in your mind. When you die, the only thing left are your thoughts.

In that room, your voice is constantly saying something, your thoughts are going wild all over the places, thinking about everything you have experienced while you were alive and things you could have done.

Unfortunately, our thoughts are frozen in time, as they are a result of our experiences when we were alive. No new idea will ever come to you, as there is no new learning after one dies. Therefore, the more you learn when you breathe, the more you have to think when you do not breathe.

And that is what death is like. Just you, all by yourself.

Heaven and hell are not separate places, they are not even real places. Heaven and hell exist simultaneously in that same room. The constant chatter of your voice when goes out of your control, that room becomes a hell for you to live in. That same room can be your heaven, when you have control over your thoughts.

Therefore, to attain heaven, salvation or moksha, you do not have to pray every day or do good deeds, you just have to develop control over your thoughts.

The same logic applies when you are alive. Control your thoughts, good deeds will follow.