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Welcome to Ponytail

Hi there. 👋

Welcome to my site!

How to navigate?

View “Recent Books” on the right-hand side of the page, from there you can navigate to the desired section.

🔹 Blogs

This section contains all the recent articles and blogs.

🔹 Projects

The “Projects” section on my website is about some interesting and creative projects that I'm currently working upon or have done.

If there is anything which you think you can help me in any way, please contact me, as I can't do everything by myself.

🔹 Privacy Guides

The Noob's Guide To Privacy is my attempt to educate my friends and family about online privacy and digital security, and a guide on how we can protect ourselves in this digital world.

🔹 Religion and Philosophy

“Religion and Philosophy” section on my website is a collection of ideas and thoughts on religion and philosophy of life.

It is a place to challenge, critic and improve existing religious philosophies and explore new ones.

About Me

I'm a FOSS and privacy enthusiast. 👤 A photographer who makes videos. 📷 And I love pizza. 🍕

I started my blog on 8 November 2018 as an experiment. I used WordPress for a year, then moved my site to IM Creator. Then I finally started self-hosting my website using Ghost, and now I am using BookStack for hosting this website.


Q. Why Ponytail?
A. No official documents survived, and hence nobody knows why Ponytail?

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