To Infinity And Beyond: A Thought Experiment

Disclaimer: This article is based on pseudoscience. LOL

Infinity is a concept describing something without any bound, like natural numbers which are never-ending.

But, is it even possible to have something which never ends?

In reality, there isn’t anything which is infinite. We say that the universe is infinite, but we aren’t sure about it. In our collective imaginations, we tend to believe that natural numbers are infinite. Add +1, and you will get a new number never seen before.

Anything which traps itself into an infinite loop of repetition destroys itself.

An audio system with a microphone and a speaker crashes if it is trapped inside an infinite loop of energy, going through the microphone in a form of sound and coming out, amplified, from the speaker in a form of sound. The cycle continuous till the system has collapsed.

Infinite loops are not stable and thus cannot exist.

Counting to infinity: An infinite loop

If you try to count till infinity, though we know we will never reach the end, all we need is a +1. If we try this we will end in an infinite loop of addition, which will be unstable to exist. But, how human imagination can be unstable? As numbers and concept of addition is a result of our collective imagination?

The laziness syndrome

If it doesn’t exist on the first page of the Google it doesn’t exist at all. Similarly, if we aren’t able to count until the end of the number line then it doesn’t have an end.

The reason why we say that the universe is infinite is that we aren’t able to reach till the end.

It is an assumption, similarly the never-ending numbers are an assumption too.

Some infinities are bigger than other infinities

Natural numbers are infinite. 1,2,3,4......... There are infinite numbers between 1 and 2, between 1.1 and 1.2, between 1.11 and 1.12, etc. Infinity is finite wrt time The passage of time proves that there is no such thing as infinity. Again this is a thought experiment. Time exists because the world is finite. Imagine a clock. Ticking.

For every hour to complete, a smaller unit than an hour has to complete its cycle. A minute. For every minute to complete, a smaller unit than a minute has to complete its cycle. A second. Similarly, second has a smaller unit and its smaller unit has a further smaller unit. If this same trend continues till the infinity, then the time will never move forward. If the seconds’ cycle won't complete the minutes’ cycle will not be able to complete and hence the hours won't increase and it will result in the stagnation of time.

In reality, time is moving forward. Hence, this might proves according to the above thought experiment that there is no such thing as infinity. For time to move forward, it is necessary to exist a last smallest unit of time, which will complete its cycle independently.


Natural numbers and the concept of addition are our collective imagination and anything is possible in our imagination.

The concept of time is also a part of our collective imagination.

Time and concept of infinity are not related and hence doesn’t make any sense to relate them.

It is not logical as it is just a collection of vague statements. Infinity is not a number.