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Access To Education During COVID and Beyond


Slide 1 COVID-19 has affected our lifestyle in every front. In current times access to education solely depends on the access to the internet, as a result, not everyone is able to enjoy their right to education. People with poor or no internet connection and...

Noob's Guide To Privacy

Privacy Guides

Last Updated On: 14 Aug 2021, 17:00 PM Welcome to Noob's Guide To Privacy. This is my attempt to educate my friends and family about online privacy and digital security, and a guide on how we can protect ourselves in this digital world. Whether you are an ac...

Religion Is Not A Competition

Religion and Philosophy

It is unfortunate, but some people like to compare their religion with other religions. It becomes a matter of pride for them, to compare and find reasons to feel superior to others. "My religion is the best and the more tolerant. My religion is more progre...

My New Ironic Religion

Religion and Philosophy

I’m creating a new religion! I’m creating a new religion because I want to legalise same-sex marriages. And I have some different set of theories explaining the trivial matters of life and the existence of god. This will be the religion of the future. A reli...

WhatsApp Is Crumbling And We Aren't Rumbling

Privacy Guides

Pompeii is a city of legend and myth whose story got frozen in time by ash and dust in a catastrophe that could have been avoided to an extent had its inhabitants listened to Mount Vesuvius’ warnings. But they didn’t, and their mistake will never be forgotten,...

Reading The Fine Print: YKA’s Terms of Service

Privacy Guides

Youth Ki Awaaz has a growing community of more than 75000 writers, users, and creators — and is read by more than 4 million people every month. But there is one thing which nobody reads, and that is their Terms of Service. Unlike other companies, Youth Ki Awa...

An open letter to my friends.

Privacy Guides

Dear Reader, I'm writing this to inform you that I will delete my WhatsApp account on 15 May 2021. I know that you are well aware of the reasons why. That's why in this letter I'm not going to tell you about the reasons why our online privacy and security is...

Child Soldiers, IHL and Video Games


Child Soldiers as per the International Law Children receive special protection under international humanitarian law (IHL) and international human rights law during armed conflict. During both international and non-international armed conflicts, children bene...

Welcome to Ponytail


Hi there. 👋 Welcome to my site! How to navigate? View “Recent Books” on the right-hand side of the page, from there you can navigate to the desired section. 🔹 Blogs This section contains all the recent articles and blogs. 🔹 Projects The “Projects” sec...

Role Of State Practices In The Evolution Of Customary International Law


Here I will throw some light on the evolution of customary international law through different state practices and how it different it is from the evolution of humankind. But first, we need to understand what amounts to international law, that is, what are the...

The Case Against Citizenship (Amendment) Act, 2019


Do you know the terms “religion”, “minority”, “persecuted” are not used in the CAA? Then why do the government says that the CAA is to give Indian citizenship to the religious minority from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh, facing persecution? But first, ...

Call For Educational Reforms In 2020


India needs drastic educational reforms. In the days of Hindu-Muslim, Cow cures cancer, etc. We need to promote logic and reasoning. This can only be done through schools. This can only be done with the help of a revolutionary educational policy by the State. ...

Citizenship Amendment Act, Threat To India’s Secularism


What is the Citizenship Amendment Act, and why there is a nationwide protest against it? The Citizenship Amendment Act gives Indian citizenship; to six non-Muslim religious refugees (Hindus, Sikhs, Parsis, Christians, Buddhist and Janis), from Pakistan, Bangl...

Virtual Immortality

Blogs Archive

There is a chance that we are living in a simulated universe. If that is true, what if that simulation is an extremely advanced video game? And we are a character in that game with predefined actions? We act in a way in which are coded by the creator of this g...

The Future Of Lawmaking And Governance


Probably the craziest ideas ever: This all started with the idea to make my own laws. Elon Musk has created his own school for his children because he did not like the traditional way of teaching. Similarly, if you don’t appreciate your current laws, why not ...

Manav Ujjwal Samaj Samiti Privacy Policy


This NGO is domiciled in India. We, Manav Ujjwal Samaj Samiti (hereinafter referred to as “we”, or “MUSS”) respect your concerns about privacy. This Privacy Policy document contains types of information that is collected and recorded by MUSS and how we use i...

Why does anything exist at all?

Blogs Archive

At the moment of the Big Bang, the incredibly hot, impossibly dense mass known as the universe exploded to create every particle of matter that now surrounds us. Here's the problem: The way physicists understand it, the processes that formed those first parti...

To Infinity And Beyond: A Thought Experiment

Blogs Archive

Disclaimer: This article is based on pseudoscience. LOL Infinity is a concept describing something without any bound, like natural numbers which are never-ending. But, is it even possible to have something which never ends? In reality, there isn’t anything ...

Appreciate Your Existence

Blogs Archive

What’s the purpose of my life? Do I matter? Is my existence making any difference? What would happen if I was never born? If you have asked yourself these questions then you are no different. We all do. Sometimes in self-doubt. Sometimes when we are at our...

Challenge Yourself

Blogs Archive

You probably wake up in the morning, do your breakfast, go to work, have lunch, come back home, spend some time with your family and friends and in the end go back to sleep. If you're able to relate to that then you're probably living your life on autopilot. ...