Call For Educational Reforms In 2020

India needs drastic educational reforms. In the days of Hindu-Muslim, Cow cures cancer, etc. We need to promote logic and reasoning. This can only be done through schools. This can only be done with the help of a revolutionary educational policy by the State. The fundamental duties require us to have a scientific outlook towards life, unfortunately, the majority of us fails to do so. It is the time for the State to step in. This will be a brave new step, but it can not be overlooked because it is also the duty of the state to promote reason and logic.

Education must be without religion. Today you can find poems about God, entire stories of Mahabharata and Ramayana in school textbooks. Whether to be religious or not, should be our choice. Religion should not be imposed. Sadly religion is always imposed on us. There is no harm in being religious or believing in God. But there is a lot to lose if that belief is without reason and logic. There is a lot too loose if that turns into hatred towards other religions and beliefs.

From the early age, we need to teach our children different religious philosophies, not to make them a believer but to teach them that every religion teaches us the same basic principle, to be a good human. At the same time, Rationality should be a mandatory subject in our schools teaching our kids to think logically and to apply their own brain. There are a lot of better theories than “God created us”. Our world could be a simulation, who knows. Let the students decide what they want to believe. Let the students realize themselves that the existence or the non-existence of God has little to no effect on our lives.

In 2020 and in the next decade religion needs to die. Otherwise, there won’t be any sociological development of our race. Religion is a creation of our collective imagination. God exists but in our imagination. As of now, we have no evidence to know whether if there is any God outside our imagination.

What do we need? A better, peaceful, scientific future. And how we can achieve it? Through a good educational policy.

First, there has to be a strict separation between education and religion. If you teach religion in schools, make sure to teach all the religions and the similarities between them not their differences.

Second, a mandatory subject for everyone to learn rationality and logic.

Third, the history of human evolution must be taught to everyone, we need to learn who we are and how we got here. And why it is important to know who we are.

In the days of Hindu-Muslim and Cow cures cancer, we need to have more scientific and logical people. Because we need more scientific and logical people in Parliament, we need more scientific and logical people everywhere.