How To Avoid Sharing Your Phone Number At Dr Lal PathLabs?


Privacy Policy:

Getting Started

Dr Lal PathLabs provides pathology services. When you enter their store to get a blood test, you will have to register yourself at a kiosk.

The welcome screen will ask you for your mobile number, and will send you an OTP to confirm your mobile number.

In case if you want to avoid sharing your mobile number, there will be a hidden option at the second screen (where you have to enter the OTP).

At the bottom of the screen, you will find an option titled “I don't have the phone” or “OTP not received”. Clicking that will bypass the mobile number requirement. However, to reach the second screen, you have to enter a mobile number at the first screen.

You are at the liberty of entering a false number if you wish to.

Collecting Your Report

Keep the payment receipt safely. It contains the Lab/Visit ID, which is required to download your report.

The report can be collected from the store, or can be downloaded from the Dr Lal PathLabs website.

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