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A. Primary Sources

1. Statute

  • Constitution of India

  • Information Technology Act, 2000

  • Representation of People Act, 1951

  • Telegraph Act, 1885

2. Bills

  • Data Protection Bill, 2019

  • The Personal Data Protection Bill, 2018

3. Declarations

  • European Convention on Human Rights

  • International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights

  • Universal Declaration of Human Rights

4. Foreign Statute

  • Constitution of Spain

  • General Data Protection Regulation

  • Intelligence Services Act 1994

  • Investigatory Powers Act 2016

  • Police Act 1997

  • Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000

  • Regulations of Investigatory Powers (Scotland) Act 2000

5. Reports

  • Central Information Commission Reports.

  • CERT-In Direction, No.20(3)/2022-CERT-In.

  • Information Technology (Guidelines For Intermediaries And Digital Media Ethics Code) Rules, 2021.

  • Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology Reports.

  • Ministry of External Affairs Reports.

  • The Information Technology (Procedure and Safeguards for Interception, Monitoring, and Decryption of Information) Rules, 2009.

B. Secondary Sources

1. Books

  • Digital Disconnect, How Capitalism Is Turning the Internet Against Democracy by Robert W. McChesney, (March 5, 2013) Published by The New Press.

  • Mitnick, Kevin, “The Art of Invisibility: The World's Most Famous Hacker Teaches You How to Be Safe in the Age of Big Brother and Big Data” (2017), Published by Little, Brown and Company.

  • Snowden, Edward, “Permanent Record” (2019), Published by Macmillan Publishers Ltd.

  • Studies In Jurisprudence And Legal Theory by Dr Paranjape, N V. (January 2019) Published by Central Law Agency (CLA).

  • The Great Tech Game: Shaping Geopolitics and the Destiny of Nations by Anirudh Suri, (May 2021) Published by Harper Collins India.

  • Zuboff, Shoshana, “The Age of Surveillance Capitalism: The Fight for a Human Future at the New Frontier of Power” (2019), Published by Profile Books.

2. Articles

  • Burns, J. (2013). Game on: Exploring the impact of technologies on young men's mental health and wellbeing.

  • Data Protection Regulations in India and The Significance of Consent Framework by Bharath Chandran P S.

  • Exploring the Impact of Technologies on Young Men's Mental Health and Wellbeing by Jane M. Burns, Tracey A. Davenport, Helen Christensen, Georgina M. Luscombe, John A. Mendoza, Amanda Bresnan, Michelle E. Blanchard, Ian B. Hickie.

  • ICEA report: 83 crore smartphone users by 2022, The Indian Express.

  • India to have 900 million active internet users by 2025, says report”, The Economic Times.

  • Internet usage in India to grow exponentially by 2025, Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India.

  • The Right of Privacy by Jed Rubenfeld.

  • Surveillance and Censorship: The Impact of Technologies on Human Rights by Ben Wagner, Joanna Bronowicka, Cathleen Berger.

3. E-Articles

  • How TikTok's Algorithm Figures You Out, WJS.

  • Hrayr S. Karagueuzian, Ph.D., Celia White, MLS, James Sayre, Ph.D., Amos Norman, Ph.D., Cigarette Smoke Radioactivity and Lung Cancer Risk, Nicotine & Tobacco Research, Volume 14, Issue 1, January 2012, Pages 79–90.

  • Nakashima, E. (2020, September 4). FBI and NSA violated surveillance law or privacy rules, a federal judge found. The Washington Post.

  • PRS India, “The Personal Data Protection Bill, 2019”, PRS Legislative Research.

  • Stakeholder Report Universal Periodic Review 27th Session – India. (2016, October). The Right to Privacy in India. Centre for Internet and Society India and Privacy International.

4. Blogs

  • Bharath Chandran P S, Data Protection Regulations in India and The Significance of Consent Framework, 3 (5) IJLSI Page 111 - 127 (2021).

  • Ben WAGNER, J., Internet, T. & Human Rights, E., 2015. Surveillance and Censorship: The Impact of Technologies on Human Rights, EPRS: European Parliamentary Research Service.EPRS: European Parliamentary Research Service

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  • Facebook and Big Tobacco: Why Social Media Is (and Isn’t) Like Cigarettes | WSJ. The Wall Street Journal.

  • Harvard Law Review

  • Hern, Alex, “WhatsApp loses millions of users after terms update”, The Guardian (24 Jan 2021)

  • International Journal of Legal Science and Innovation

  • Jaslow, R. (2011, September 30). Big tobacco kept cancer risk in cigarettes secret: Study. CBS News.

  • Official Journal of the European Communities

  • PRS Legislative Research

  • Rubenfeld, Jed. “The Right of Privacy.” Harvard Law Review, vol. 102, no. 4, 1989, pp. 737–807.

5. Newspapers

  • The Economic Times

  • The Hindu

  • The Indian Express

6. Websites