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Privacy Guides

The Noob's Guide To Privacy is my attempt to educate my friends and family about online privacy and digital security, and a guide on how we can protect ourselves in this digital world.

Privacy Tips

Collection of tips and tricks on how to navigate a simple life in a digital world.

Noob's Guide To Privacy

Last Updated On: 14 Aug 2021, 17:00 PM Welcome to Noob's Guide To Privacy. This is my attempt to...

WhatsApp Is Crumbling And We Aren't Rumbling

Pompeii is a city of legend and myth whose story got frozen in time by ash and dust in a catastro...

Reading The Fine Print: YKA’s Terms of Service

Youth Ki Awaaz has a growing community of more than 75000 writers, users, and creators — and is r...

An open letter to my friends.

Dear Reader, I'm writing this to inform you that I will delete my WhatsApp account on 15 May 202...

Human Rights and Digital Rights in India: Impact on our Society and the Laws

2nd Edition of my dissertation.