Appreciate Your Existence

What’s the purpose of my life?

Do I matter?

Is my existence making any difference? What would happen if I was never born?

If you have asked yourself these questions then you are no different. We all do.

Sometimes in self-doubt. Sometimes when we are at our all-time low. And sometimes just to imagine a world without oneself.

The idea behind the importance of once presence is quite unsettling. Think about it; You, a human or an alien (if on earth), you are 1 in 7+ billion. That’s a huge number.

It is normal to think that you are just wasting earth’s resources and doing nothing.

You know what, you are right, you don’t matter. You don't matter at all.

Removing you from that 7+ billion people won't make any difference.

But if this true, this also means the most famous, respected, successful person in this world doesn't matter too. And that’s right also.

Nobody matter in this world, your existence doesn't make any difference.

Now you might ask what’s the meaning of this life and end up reading articles which say;

“Birth is God’s way of saying that you matter”

And that’s absolute nonsense. Don’t involve God because we are humans (or aliens), we can solve our own problems.

All we have to do is to change the way we see our lives.

We don’t matter if you see the whole picture, the whole universe. Nobody can see us not even God in this vast universe.

But if you see yourself on a smaller scale, only you and those who you love and care. You will start to realize that you matter, not to those sitting in the different corner of the universe, but to those who you love and care and to those who love you unconditionally.

You will know your worth when you imagine removing yourself from the lives of your family and friends.

The pain they suffer without you tells your worth.

Nobody matters until you see the world differently.